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A thrilling new book by Brenda Squires. Set in 1920s Paris.


…intelligent, fair and perspicacious…’

-Fay Weldon

Berlin, October 1932. Max Dienst has returned to the city he last knew as a student. He has been asked to cover the elections to the Reichstag. A colleague on the paper mentions the case of Geli Raubal, a young singer from Vienna who died in mysterious circumstances in the flat of her uncle. There is a botched death certificate but is it a hidden murder? Max thinks he may have a story, her uncle is the leader of a growing political party, a man who seeking to change Germany and Europe. Her uncle is Adolf Hitler.

Berlin is also the city of his youth when he was in love with a young Russian communist and embroiled in all the new ideas of change and idealism. Ten years later Max is married to Rhiannon and a journalist for a respected newspaper. Rhiannon works at the British Embassy. She is approached by the mysterious Sid Khan, he may have information that would be useful to her husband. Max was a member of the communist party in his youth.

Max Dienst wants to find the truth in a time when everyone has their own version but are there secrets that are best forgotten…

Brenda Squires was born in London. She read German and French at King’s College, London and has worked as a translator and psychotherapist. She now lives in West Wales, which inspired the writing of Landsker (Starborn Books, 2003). She has written three novels and is working on a fourth.

– The Love of Geli Raubal is the sequel to Squires’s novel, Landsker (Starborn Books, 2003)


Trilogy set in the 20’s and 30’s